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This is gold.

Bahahaha! The fact that the old guy has a twelve year old's voice is the BEST!

This is amazing.

I laughed my ass off the entire time. The beginning is a bit weak but it gets funnier as it goes on. Great voice acting and good humor kept it fresh the whole time. I cannot wait for the sequel.

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Maybe it's my Ragnarok nostalgia and love of metroidvania games but shit, this was a blast! I enjoyed the secret areas like the alchemist fight.

Physics driving is a bit overdone, and this one is quite simplistic. But there are no apparent bugs and it plays alright.

This is awesome! If only there was a slightly bigger soundtrack....

Mattster responds:

I have some more songs I plan on adding :D

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This would feel at home in the Legend of Zelda games or the Lord of the Rings, well done! I liked this a lot! :D

Benmode responds:

Ace, that's the sort of thing I was going for :) I forgot to mention it in the description but the game it's for is set in a LOTR kind of world.
I'm glad you liked it, thanks for the review.

I picture this as the epic intro you get to sit through 20 minutes into an RPG. Just wonderful, almost as if I am embarking on a new journey.

Damn I like this stonegaze stuff apparently! Seems reminiscent of some indie rockers like Pinback.

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I really, really like this one!

He'd be super-mega bamf if he had a claymore instead, though, but I'm really just trying to turn him into my favorite character :3

A boner that causes fainting

His dick is so big, a boner would cause him to pass out due to lack of blood to vital areas.

so good it bugs me. ohohohoho

Your art is so strange, yet so refreshing.

I think you may be starting a trend there, good sir.

sucho responds:

strangely refreshing, it sounds like i should be in the beverage business instead of art

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